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Private and Small Group Tutoring 

Private Tutoring Statement

Participation in private lessons at Rise Volleyball Academy with one of our staff members is optional and represents one manner to accomplish volleyball skill development. Tutoring, however, should not be viewed as a necessity or as the most effective training method to achieve success on the court.

The following guidelines are in place to provide your child with the environment most conducive to learning and growth:

  • Private Lessons are NOT used by Rise or its coaching staff as an evaluation tool for team selection and will NOT be used to determine an athlete’s team placement for a season.

  • Rise staff members given the privilege of conducting private lessons are not permitted to discuss potential team placement with student-athletes, parents, or other coaches.

  • Parents are not permitted on court, at any time. There are natural and beneficial breaks that must occur during lessons to clean up the court, move equipment, or get water. Those responsibilities will be handled by the coach and athlete(s).

Any questions regarding our policies related to Tutoring should be directed to


Pricing includes all fees and other costs for the tutoring sessions


3 Sessions = $120
6 Sessions = $240
9 Sessions = $360



3 Sessions = $210
6 Sessions = $420
9 Sessions = $630

How to Arrange Lessons

  1.  Contact Loren Anderson via email.  
  2.  Be specific on what the goal is for the private or small group session.
  3. Times and dates will be worked out through email.
  4. An invoice will be sent to primary contact.
  5. Payment can be made online using invoice, or cash or check in person.

Cancellation Policy: Once a private lesson has been arranged, 24 hours notice is required for cancellation.  Failure to do so obligates customer to all lesson and court fees.